Friday, July 07, 2006

New Garden Gadgets and others

David and I finally bought our first cybidium orchid at Big W in Strathpine- Ray is not here, he just went down to Sydney so it was a great opportunity for us to go out of our suburb to the shopping centre in Strathpine and we found this orchid plant in full bloom. So here- we have started our own version of Orchidarium- for the meantime it is gracing my living room.

Here are some of the other plants that we bought- tomatoes, and herbs- mint, coriander and oregano. They are my most popular herbs which I use in cooking or add on salads.
Alleluia! I have produced one red jalapeno chili. This little chili plant had 2 small green chilis when I bought it. Several weeks later, more chilis and look, there is one red one. I will add it to my beef or chicken curry next time. Although I already have quite enough garden gadgets, these 2 beauties were half price at Woolworths, just under $5 each and they are stainless steel too. The poker is a new one for me- and it's a good replacement of the fingers and thumb- mine of course - which I use to poke a hole on the pot/ground to plant seedlings.
Bunnings is Australia's answer to Home Depot in the U.S. David goes here a lot, being a handyman and the builder of our house extension. I tag along with him of course and thank God that they now have products that are appealing to the female gender like plants, outside furniture, lightings, carpets, etc. Why is it that if an item is on special sale, we suddenly find a use for it then buy it on impulse even though it's not on our list.
Just uplloaded this funny image from I think that if I ever visit the Great Wall I will go to the loo (tactful australian term for toilet) first before starting the trek.

This is a very artificial rose uploaded from one of my email FW mates. I am amused by those glitters but not anymore attracted to diamonds as i have turned my aesthetic preference to nature- plants, flowers, landscapes and to man made parks, buildings, the art and paintings. I believe that our taste and preferences change as we mature and as we are more exposed to different things available around the world...won't venture into the universe as I can't really fathom the quintessence of my being.

Have also updated my events and people see you there.