Thursday, August 24, 2006

Agave Plants

These AGAVE plants that existed under our outdoor staircasehad multiplied and the more I make cuttings and give them a big clean-up they seem to thrive and shoot more baby plants. This plant was already there when we bought the house. They are the 'in' plant at the moment on this this part of the world. They are considered as succulents and require very little care and watering. I have transplanted quite a few and they are all thriving too.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Hibiscus or Gumamela in the Phils

This Hibiscus plant is nearly 3 years old- it hasn't grown much but it's always blooming.
I was about to prune the stems but everytime I try to do it, new buds are present.
Finally this weekend, I was able to trim a couple of branches. One of which I stood in a jar with water.
I hope to propagate another bush or so as I just love those lovely giant flowers. It simple melts your heart! They are very photogenic too.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Look this orchid is starting to bloom!

This specie of orchid that's grown on the bark of the paper tree, a legacy of the former owners of the house had shot a stem and is flowering! I will research for the name- wait till the orchid exhibits come back and i will get the name for you. There used to be a cream and yellow flowering ones and those flower shoots are out, one each per plant and I do have several.
My spider plant had also thrived under the shade- I can propagate it now into several plants.
It is the last month of winter and in September it will be spring here. I prefer the wintry months as it reminds me very much of my hometown in Baguio. But it will be gone soon.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Plants and Parks in Hongkong Feb 2005

In February 2005, David, Viv, Ray and I stopped over in HongKong on the way home to Brisbane from the Philippines. We saw a very different landscape in HK, hilly with a lot of high rises that seem to sprout from the ground. The day and night views were simply spectacular. It was also the celebration of the Chinese New Year (at that time, it was the year of the rooster).

On the Promenade where we saw the hand and fingers of Jackie Chan, the famous actor, we can't help but pose infront of this fragrant carnation (real too) Chinese character, which we don't have any idea what it means.
Walking down Kowloon's main thoroughfare, this is the park that we saw, following a stairway that lead up to a temple. These were sculptures that were on display.
And there was a pond with a fountain and these ducks...peking ducks?
It's quite a big park with a big pond - which I think is more like a lake...but we remembered that there was an epidemic called bird's flu so we hurriedly left the beautiful place when we saw more ducks and pigeons coming.
We emerged on a very posh street that had real orchid plants and flowers along its sidewalk. Gee bird's flu certainly spoils a lot of fun!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The boarders of Taronga Zoo, Sydney Australia July 2006

These pictures were taken by some of Ray's group mates during their visit to Sydney, Australia in July 2006 The Lion King
The 'teddy' bear
The billy goat's gruff
The other billy goats enjoying the Sydney harbour (lucky goats)
The ever graceful giraffe
Close up of Mr Giraffe
The stripey Zebra