Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i wish that i could just stay home today

i am whinging..i wish that i could just stay home today and mind my garden. this training at work is making me so tired. I've consumed most of my leaves and can't take a sickie without presenting a medical certificate.

anyway i probably needed to go to bye byes now as i have no choice- sigh-

other than that- life is good- david cooked some nice bangers (sausage) and we had it with boiled broccoli with cheese sauce and rice. ray is also here - he had his photo ID taken at the university of queensland. he will be attending a business management course to major hopefully in real state and property development.

more photos re. our trip next time... good night and happy valentine.. happy anniversary to my better half too!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

26th of January 2008 is Australia Day

It's now 8 years since we took oath as Australian Citizens and we never looked back. Thanks Australia for all the opportunities offered and grabbed by my family. We now call Australia home!