Thursday, July 27, 2006

What's blooming in July 2006 in my little garden?

Kamote, or kumura or sweet potatoes- had been harvested and eaten. And so were the passion fruits- not my plant but my Malaysian friend, Rosie's plant.
My next door neighbour's little bush of colourful azaleas.
I think this is called Honesty- clap them in between your hands and you will hear a popping sound- there probably isn't much for you to pop as i've popped most of them. They just come out in winter.
My little bed of flowers that added colour to our front yard- petunias and dianthus.
The orchids on the paper tree- legacy of previous owners of the house- stalks are coming out already and they always do, every year. They are also the most neglected plants in my garden.
Striped impatiens are also blooming- their fruits are my favourites as they also pop and curl- i scared David with one of its fruits once...i got one ripe one, almost bursting, asked him to close his eyes and extend his hands out - which he did... i placed the fruit in the middle of his palm and i asked him to slowly close his hand - and when he almost closed it, it went POP and rolled and curled - and he yelled out ahhhhh and thought it was a living thing. You can guess that he chased me around the house....LOL i like to tease David...
These petunias are so white and those dianthus are just good complements of the petunias.

Happy planting...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Our Fence is Finished but...

Our front fence is finished- apart from the bushes that we planted in between the posts need to grow... I keep on giving them a 'haircut' as someone said that this will make them thrive.

But , this side of the fence where the letterbox is, the bricks in between are just temporary. we have not decided yet whether to put up a gate here or a walkway.

David tried to kill off this tree as it was blocking a lot of sun but being a tree lover I asked him to spare it as I will look after it and will just maintain it to this height...I just love those new growth. And of course David seldom says no to me...he is nice...

BUT a big BUT....he's going to start on a new project AGAIN!...just purchased $800 worth of wood and am really surprised that there are not many of them....didn't realise that wood (from trees) cost so much....let me say that it's just worth a bit over an IPOD+accessories- and digicam here....well I guess it's money( actually loan from the credit card- where else?) well spent as it's going to add value to the house.

Will monitor the progress of this project...apparently it will be 3 meters long and it's suppose to be a carport but for the meantime we will use it like a plant nursery of sorts- for his orchid collection (he has 2 in the pot so far and 2 nailed on a tree)...hopefully i can propagate succulents and geraniums here too....Is it his or mine? OURS....

Friday, July 07, 2006

New Garden Gadgets and others

David and I finally bought our first cybidium orchid at Big W in Strathpine- Ray is not here, he just went down to Sydney so it was a great opportunity for us to go out of our suburb to the shopping centre in Strathpine and we found this orchid plant in full bloom. So here- we have started our own version of Orchidarium- for the meantime it is gracing my living room.

Here are some of the other plants that we bought- tomatoes, and herbs- mint, coriander and oregano. They are my most popular herbs which I use in cooking or add on salads.
Alleluia! I have produced one red jalapeno chili. This little chili plant had 2 small green chilis when I bought it. Several weeks later, more chilis and look, there is one red one. I will add it to my beef or chicken curry next time. Although I already have quite enough garden gadgets, these 2 beauties were half price at Woolworths, just under $5 each and they are stainless steel too. The poker is a new one for me- and it's a good replacement of the fingers and thumb- mine of course - which I use to poke a hole on the pot/ground to plant seedlings.
Bunnings is Australia's answer to Home Depot in the U.S. David goes here a lot, being a handyman and the builder of our house extension. I tag along with him of course and thank God that they now have products that are appealing to the female gender like plants, outside furniture, lightings, carpets, etc. Why is it that if an item is on special sale, we suddenly find a use for it then buy it on impulse even though it's not on our list.
Just uplloaded this funny image from I think that if I ever visit the Great Wall I will go to the loo (tactful australian term for toilet) first before starting the trek.

This is a very artificial rose uploaded from one of my email FW mates. I am amused by those glitters but not anymore attracted to diamonds as i have turned my aesthetic preference to nature- plants, flowers, landscapes and to man made parks, buildings, the art and paintings. I believe that our taste and preferences change as we mature and as we are more exposed to different things available around the world...won't venture into the universe as I can't really fathom the quintessence of my being.

Have also updated my events and people see you there.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


My Botanica Random House 1998 book is getting some good use nowadays as I looked up The
And here goes...

The 50 or so species of Bromelia are scattered through South America and parts of Central America and the West Indies. They are mostly ground-dwelling perennials resembling pineapple plants, with strong, hooked spines along the margins of their long stiff leaves which generally turn a bronzy color in strong sun. The leaves form large rosettes which in some species can multiply by sending out long rhizomes to make extensive clumps. A stout flower spike arises from the center of the rosette surrounded by leaf-like bracts that may be brilliantly coloured.

I have just started a collection and I have 4 kinds now. The first one was acquired one year ago in a garage sale. The others were from K-mart and the flea market. It's a hardy plant, very suitable for Queensland conditions so I think that I shall propagate this plant.

images by vfa collections