Saturday, July 01, 2006


My Botanica Random House 1998 book is getting some good use nowadays as I looked up The
And here goes...

The 50 or so species of Bromelia are scattered through South America and parts of Central America and the West Indies. They are mostly ground-dwelling perennials resembling pineapple plants, with strong, hooked spines along the margins of their long stiff leaves which generally turn a bronzy color in strong sun. The leaves form large rosettes which in some species can multiply by sending out long rhizomes to make extensive clumps. A stout flower spike arises from the center of the rosette surrounded by leaf-like bracts that may be brilliantly coloured.

I have just started a collection and I have 4 kinds now. The first one was acquired one year ago in a garage sale. The others were from K-mart and the flea market. It's a hardy plant, very suitable for Queensland conditions so I think that I shall propagate this plant.

images by vfa collections