Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We are in the internet cafe in Changi Airport

and we were just admiring some orchid garden that almost looks like this....

OK they are rushing me now got to go..will catch up with you when i arrive in Baguio..take care!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Messy Christmas Decorating

Feature of the month for PMN Fam Pic Series is MESSY!

Putting up the Christmas tree starts from a clean slate and getting it assembled with a tinsel is fine.

The problem of a big mess ensues when there are 3 people who wants to put up something, no one agreeing on the same thing, coupled with a lot of Christmas baubles and trimmings available after several years of building up to the collection. Of course our former housemates of grown up children who had moved on had also left theirs and are expecting to see them up somewhere- on the tree/wall/doorway -somewhere visible as each has its own history/memory..ahhhhh.
Anyway, we played some christmas carols (even this we have to disagree- I wanted some mambo xmas sounds, the hubby wanted the crooner and the son wants some mantovani classical piano melodies-- mum decides - ok we will play everything starting with the request of the youngest one...Mantovani which actually proved very soothing as we calmly negotiated what to or what not to hang...
These are just samples of the decors we have had since time forgotten...
Too many tinsels but i just love those xmas flowers known as poinsettias which reminds me so much of my hometown- cool Baguio...we had them planted around the house...The bar is the last place the housemates thought of decorating so I just had to put the poinsettias there!
So by the time we are about to hear the crooners on stereo- it's all finished so I can now sit and enjoy Bing Crosby's Hark the herald...., turn on the aircon and hug my fave monkey collection- Whitey! before cleaning up and vacuuming all the mess on the floor (unsightly, didn't even take a photo of it hehehe)Anyway, super moms, wonder moms, bat moms, spider moms, dad moms...A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL!

from my family to yours!