Sunday, April 30, 2006

Orchidarium Photos

Just to give you an idea of what's available in the Burnham Park Orchidarium. I could really spend lots of hours here and of course you can also spend a lot of money hehehe which I did no have much a that time. Besides, I can't take it home with me to Australia. We bought an orchid for Daddy's grave, which we took home after our visit to be propagated by Dolly and Ramon.

baguio inspiration

When I was home(baguio)last time, there was a plant and landscape exhibit in Camp John Hay. There was an excellent display of landscape samples and plant exhibition that are of international standards. I have watched the Chelsea (England), Sydney, Melbourne garden shows on lifestyle tv channel and the one in Baguio, if on a larger scale can easily compete with these prestigious shows. We have very talented gardeners and landscapers there. We also visited the Orchidarium in Burnham Park and my! this place had developed and grown. Of course, Baguio had always been known for its production of natural flowers, the Panagbenga (flower festival)roses, carnations, everlasting. Now they have the fashionable plants too like the succulents, the bromeliads and orchids. So when I came back to Australia I have decided to start my own plant propagation efforts at home and I will concentrate on my favourite geraniums and succulents while David decided on propagating orchids. We have started by going to a couple of orchid shows in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and preparing the backyard on our days off from work.
Pictures were from the John Hay Exhibits sometime in February 2006

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Apart from people I love everything about life...

Landscapes, gardens, parks, wildlife most beautiful things that surround me and if they are not around, i create them (!) or go find them.

Through the years I have taken a lot of pictures of nature-mostly landscapes (natural and artificial) plants and flowers from my garden, homes- mine, friends and family and through here would like to share/chronicle them in a casual way for those who are curious or interested.

I finally found the time to do this and share it with you guys...

First pictures of course are ZigZag Road or Kennon Road and a view of Mt Sto Tomas, my first ever mountaineering experience in Baguio City Philippines, my hometown. They were taken on my latest trip in February 2006. I have travelled up and down Kennon Road so many many times before that I always feel excited when I approach it as I am very near family and home and the cool air and the smell of pine trees are better than any manmade perfume in the world... ahhhh....