Thursday, February 08, 2007

Plants, parks and gardens (PPG) in Melbourne Pt 1

From the rooftop of the War Memorial we viewed this thirsty (they have water restrictions e.g. category 3 when we were there) tree-bordered lawn
I looked back at the War Memorial and this is what I saw- the building right at the centre of the garden!
Further along is my garden...I mean the queen victoria garden.
This is a drought victim watch, a gift from the Swiss - otherwise it is an attractive feature infront of that monument (sorry forgot to take note who's on top of the horse).
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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ray at 17's new surrounds

Ray turns 17 on the 7th Feb 2007 and he will spend it as a day in high school at his new school, St. Joseph's Nudgee College.
Nudgee Chapel is one of the oldest in the state and it has palm trees and a rose garden.
Ray gets to and from there everyday through the bus. So far, he really loves it there.