Friday, September 29, 2006

I know that Ramon will have a Zoo

If he will have his way but until then here are some cyber-animals he might have

A Tortoise like Henrietta (rip) (175 y.o. ) who along with his boss, Steve Irwin had now passed on to the next life. This picture was taken when we visited the Australia Zoo
Am sure he will have some kambings- goats for the kilawen. This was taken by Ray's group in Sydney 2006 trip group.
His favourite- our cousins the gorilla- he's been dying to have one as a pet since he was three- after being pinched by one in the then Baguio Zoo.
He will probably keep some cows for the much needed milk in his baking.
Of course, the roosters will have a special place in his zoo- this one was taken in Fort Ilocandia during the year of the rooster. In fact Dolly wanted to take home this rooster and wanted to approach the manager if she can have it after the Chinese New Year.
I will ask him to put some of these horses as they are my favourite animals.

And of course to entertain Dessy endlessly and to annoy Donna he will have one of these Barneys.

I hope that your zoo will become a reality one day....wishful thinking. When you come here next we will visit Taronga Zoo or Melbourne Zoo or the one in Dubbo. Promise.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The plants and garden at Donna's house

I think that this is still the everyday outlook of Donna. I haven't seen her near the plants but her parents are keen gardeners and landscape developers- of their own garden to start with.

Identical mini trees create a statement on this otherwise empty drainage cover.

By the driveway, a combination of ground cover, mini hedge and bushes.

Donna is hardly there so here I am enjoying the Japanese bridge over some goldfishes- but i forgot to take a shot at the fishes but i have it on DVD ( I should learn to translate it to itube)

Would the cattleyas still be blooming for her to wear in her debut?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The fence that Sammy built

Since it's Sammy's birthday, let's just feature some of his accomplishments and one great one, apart from organising the food for the 5000 or so crew of the USS JFK aircraft carrier, is his house fence. His purpose of course, apart from ensuring privacy to his house is to keep the alligators away. That's half the job done..and the fence is even taller than he is- 7 feet?
His backyard with the one who gives him the orders- i mean inspiration... according to Sam the patio is 12 ft by 18 ft and it's being used a lot.
And these are his little helpers- child labor in the 1st degree- these girls will really appreciate the value (nice fence in this instance) of hard manual labour.
Mission accomplished- what a handyman- can i borrow you for a year Sammy? There's a lot to do in my backyard.

Images sent by Sam

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A tribute to Daddy on father's day and his great legacy

Daddy was a keen builder and renovator of houses. When Mama and he were just married, Uncle Joe gave them a lot allotment and he quickly built a 2-bedroom house at first. As the family grew, he added extensions, attics, floors on the basement.
As a legacy, his children especially my brothers worked their hardest to save money to build/buy their own houses for their own families.
We always loved owning our own homes no matter how big or small they are.
Dad's children had spread their wings- in the Phils/USA/Australia
We do hope that our children will continue the legacy of the importance of a good home.

note:my house is the smallest!