Saturday, September 16, 2006

The fence that Sammy built

Since it's Sammy's birthday, let's just feature some of his accomplishments and one great one, apart from organising the food for the 5000 or so crew of the USS JFK aircraft carrier, is his house fence. His purpose of course, apart from ensuring privacy to his house is to keep the alligators away. That's half the job done..and the fence is even taller than he is- 7 feet?
His backyard with the one who gives him the orders- i mean inspiration... according to Sam the patio is 12 ft by 18 ft and it's being used a lot.
And these are his little helpers- child labor in the 1st degree- these girls will really appreciate the value (nice fence in this instance) of hard manual labour.
Mission accomplished- what a handyman- can i borrow you for a year Sammy? There's a lot to do in my backyard.

Images sent by Sam