Thursday, July 27, 2006

What's blooming in July 2006 in my little garden?

Kamote, or kumura or sweet potatoes- had been harvested and eaten. And so were the passion fruits- not my plant but my Malaysian friend, Rosie's plant.
My next door neighbour's little bush of colourful azaleas.
I think this is called Honesty- clap them in between your hands and you will hear a popping sound- there probably isn't much for you to pop as i've popped most of them. They just come out in winter.
My little bed of flowers that added colour to our front yard- petunias and dianthus.
The orchids on the paper tree- legacy of previous owners of the house- stalks are coming out already and they always do, every year. They are also the most neglected plants in my garden.
Striped impatiens are also blooming- their fruits are my favourites as they also pop and curl- i scared David with one of its fruits once...i got one ripe one, almost bursting, asked him to close his eyes and extend his hands out - which he did... i placed the fruit in the middle of his palm and i asked him to slowly close his hand - and when he almost closed it, it went POP and rolled and curled - and he yelled out ahhhhh and thought it was a living thing. You can guess that he chased me around the house....LOL i like to tease David...
These petunias are so white and those dianthus are just good complements of the petunias.

Happy planting...