Friday, October 06, 2006

Our Orchids

Sometime in April 06, we attended an Orchids Expo in the Planetarium in Brisbane and David was enticed to purchase 2 orchids with unknown flower colour. Surprise, surprise, it has now bloomed into a serene creamy-white tiny flower. David was so rapped because he just took interest in orchids when we were in Baguio last and he was quite successful in being able to 'nail' them onto the tree and they have thrived.

Here's the other one, the flower colour we still don't know. Somehow it grew more leaves instead of flowers.

These are my orchids- they are native to Queensland and are better known as Rock Orchids. They were left here by the previous owners of the house. Somehow it flowers every start of winter and they last for a couple of months on the tree. But this time they did now last long as there was a strong storm that destroyed the petals. Luckily for me I brought a stalk home and enjoyed it on my dining table before it shed its petals.
Orchids will be attended more in our retirement....