Monday, November 05, 2007

PMN Fam Pics - Pork N Cabbage on a Stripey Plate

Anything plated is the featured theme of PMN (Pinoy Moms Network) for the month of November-
Here's my plated dish of fried lean pork (in vegetable oil) with a cabbage dish- it must be cabbage spooned out of a pork sinigang as I can see traces of tomato seeds. This is a common Filipino dish served Australian-style- no-frills

Come- let's eat!

Plated features

  1. Pinayhekmi: Scrambled eggs

  2. Ruth: Filipino breakfast

  3. Lynn: Tukneneng

  4. Mommy Chi: Fried rice and beef stew

  5. Ajay: Because pancit is my favorite dish

  6. Julie: PinoyMomsNetwork Fam Pics 3: Plated (On a Plate)

  7. Connie: Chopsticks on a plate

  8. Cookie: PMN Fampics Series 3 : Plated

  9. KK: Eclectic taste

  10. Feng: Plated on a operating table

  11. Raqgold: Schlachtplatte

  12. Vicky: What's for tea?-Lean Pork N Cabbage on Stripey Plate

  13. Rach: My plated collage