Friday, May 19, 2006

Front fence and plants

all 6 posts are finally up- on Mother's Day, 14 May 2006. We have decided to plant some hedges in between them, hasten their growth by trimming them regularly. The hibiscus that's been cut back drastically is still flowering. It's light pink. I must plant another colour- white or yellow hibiscus?

Another plant that's thriving from under our patio is the hydrangea (mil flores in baguio)-

I just learnt to cut it back drastically to stimulate new growth and flower. It's been an easy maintenance plant, I hardly pay attention to it and yet it gives me a lot of tiny blue-cream-white flower. The colour of the flower apparently indicates what type of soil it is planted on- acidic/alkali. I don't really know what blue flower indicates. We had a pine one in Napier, NZ.