Thursday, May 11, 2006


.... the current fad here nowadays and I find them easier to manage, low maintenance plants with attractive green foliage, easy to propagate and specially thrive in a place like ours- near the sea. they just grow and multiply.

zygots flower only once a year. I bought my first one from Kmart. Very dark pink. They need to be cut right back to encourage superfluous and better flowers.

Jade plants (mama called them these but they say they are money plants) were my first succelents here in Australia. I pinched my very first twig along the street from an abandoned plant that was also thirsty (wilting) after dropping the kids off to school sometime in May 1998. I was walking home then. I've planted and nurtured it, pinched the leaves, survived a couple of floods and droughts, it's grown heaps and have propagated a lot from leaves and cuttings. It's survived one house move. I have given a few to friends and workmates who in turn have propagated them. I saw a lot in HongKong placed by the doorway. Guess where I placed mine. It's supposed to attract good luck ($)into your life/home.

Echevarrias (those rose cactus) were my first succelents in NZ (but i did not smuggle these from NZ!). I picked them from Reignier School where I used to drop off Ray. It was overflowing then and were normally thinned out so let's say I helped thin them out LOL. I plant them where weeds would normally grow.

I love succulents.